Call for Papers : Deadline to submit the manuscript is 30th September, 2023.


Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Research is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published annually by Mata Sundri College for Women at the University of Delhi in India. It publishes the study results that have significantly contributed to the advancement and comprehension of interdisciplinary research. It compiles research findings from a wide range of academic fields and methodological methods and compiles research findings from work carried out by multidisciplinary research teams. Works from the humanities, education, social sciences, sciences, arts, commerce, management, economics and other fields are acceptable in this line of inquiry. These works may be either discipline specific or interdisciplinary.

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Research is an academic research journal that publishes research from scholars around the globe. It includes research that evaluates or publishes the findings or behavior of such teams or experts in general, as well as investigations and assessments carried out by multidisciplinary teams (combining or involving many academic disciplines or professional specializations). Since the journal covers a wide range of subject areas, we welcome contributions from professionals operating at any level and originating from any part of the globe. This publication tries to convey the notion that high-quality research is not limited by factors such as time, location, or other factors. Since it is an open-access publication, it makes a wide variety of relevant research instantly accessible to professionals, who can study and apply the research as soon as it is released.

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